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Warlock Media – Multimedia & Marketing

Warlock Media is your quintessential multimedia and marketing service for business success and brand aesthetics.
With a moniker chosen after the legendary soothsayer, Merlin, Warlock Media takes a page from his book of wizardry.
We specialize in creative direction, development, and design for: print; photo; video/audio; digital; web; and online mediums.
Our multifaceted skill set will polish the output of brand creative content to assist a start-up business grow, or
help an established business thrive in their respective market niche. 

Our Mission

Masters of the message

Making multimedia and marketing magic to spark inspiration and influence into the lives of others.
We expertly deliver unique and engaging vocational results to clients to help them adapt in the rapidly evolving
digital landscape with an arsenal of professional skills that will grab the attention of the respective modern consumer.
Express your message, and compel your audience with the enchanting assistance of Warlock Media. 

Who We Are

About the founder, general manager, & creative director
at Warlock Media, Caroline Green

Warlock Media was created on August 18, 2019, by Caroline Green, a journalist out of SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Calgary, Alberta, where she earned a graduated diploma as a print major. Green grew up in the Rocky Mountain town of Banff, Alberta, and also spent time living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and graduated high school in the Interlake town of Lundar, Manitoba. Straight out of high school, Green took audio specialization at the Academy of Broadcasting Corporation in Winnipeg.

Green said that from an early age, she felt a strong affinity for art, design, music, fashion, magazines, and photography, as they, “forever intertwine.”

“I’ve always had this eccentric passion for creativity, writing, and all-things rock and roll,” said Green.

“I think that cocktail of obsessions is surely responsible for my interest to educate myself further as,
a writer; a designer; a photographer; an audio/video producer; a creator; and an artist.”

Tracing back to the late ’90s, and early ’00s, Green said she can recall first dipping her toes into art and design when she discovered the wonderful world of pixel art.

“I could often be found at my family’s Windows 95 PC, using MS Paint to draw Dollz – remember those?” Green said.

“The many hours I spent creating endless designs on those fashionista pixel-people was truly the beginning of my love affair for digital and multimedia art.”

Growing up, Green said she was also always a lover of words, and would often enter poetry competitions as a hobby.

Growing up with a fondness for Oldies and Classic Rock and Roll, Green was destined to pick up a guitar, and finally did at the age of 18.

“I’m consumed by Classic Rock,” Green said. “My favourite eras are 1960s, and 1970s, but anything goes as long as it’s groovy.”

Green said she took a semester of guitar lessons in junior high school, but she really taught herself to play most of what she knows on an old six-string that she found in the basement at the farm where she was living at the time – before her parents bought her a custom-made guitar for Christmas soon after she gained interest.

Fondness of songwriters in bands like the Doors, the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, and Fleetwood Mac pushed Green into “a need to want to play songs, and write my own songs,” she said.

“Poetry is a release for me unlike any other,” Green said. “So when I turned to songwriting, I learned that the pairing of music and poetry allows me to tap into a certain fire in my soul that both heals, and humours me.”

“Songwriting has helped me process my thoughts during some difficult moments in my life, and has also helped me express a spectrum of emotions over the years ranging from glad to mad; so, I’m always grateful to tap into that mindset, because it allows me to dig a little deeper inside myself, and find that voice that I know wants to come out.”

Through both her schooling and work experiences, Green has dabbled in a wide variety of gigs pertaining to journalism, marketing, social media, video/audio/television production, and multimedia content creation, including:

• Published writings for SAIT’s The Press, Where Calgary magazine, and Passport 2017  events app for Canada 150;

• Green assisted Wiid Boutique in building their physical store, opening their doors, and building their brand, as media relations manager, in Regina, Saskatchewan. Green took care of the social media marketing and general media relations for Wiid, a +19 licensed cannabis retailer that faced unprecedented circumstances, learning to thrive as a team on the cutting edge of a new frontier for Canada. Being 1-of-6 stores to win the cannabis lottery, Green helped manage this Prairie city pot shop as they blazed the trail amid Canada’s cannabis legalization between 2018 & 2019. The Cannabis Act (C-45) as of June 2018 was the catalyst that saw through to the legalization of cannabis in Canada on Oct 17, 2018.

• And, has worked as a Production Assistant, Office Assistant, and Casting Assistant for Insight Productions for the productions:
The Amazing Race Australia (season 2 – 2012), The Amazing Race Canada (2015-2019), and Top Chef Canada (2018).

Since starting Warlock Media

Under Warlock Media, Green has most recently completed the following projects:

• Web + digital + print design & marketing; social media marketing; and general media management for
Mikes Electric – electrical services in the Bow Valley since 1982.

• Web + digital + print + general management for partnership with Chris Huot on Mamba Bazaar – digital marketplace.

• Content creation for Chris Huot ‘Mamba Mondays’ during in summer 2020 for rock band, The Glorious Sons,’ Instagram Stories

• Logo design for All Iz Handmade#NotYourTypicalCrochet

• Product photography and brand building for artist, Melo Momentz

• Logo design for Tousled Top – handmade scrunchies.

• And, advertisement design for Elizabeth Vada Bath – a better bathing experience.

Green describes her style in everything that she does as outwardly expressive of her eccentric eye.

“By sprinkling my work with extensions of my all-around creative soul, and notes of my passion for rock and roll,” Green said.

“I aim to spark the magic;
spread the peace;
and share the love.”

Thrive in a
Digital Age with
Warlock Media

We can be of assistance to your business by
offering a multimedia myriad of skillsets to help your brand conquer
the brigade of modern mediums and digital channels, that
host millions of potential customers.

Did you know that according to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority,
about 90 per cent of Canadians have an internet connection?

Just about all of those internet-users say they use social media in some manner, and
over 60 per cent also reported that they use social media every single day.

Let’s look back, and examine the year 2020 under a digital trend microscope: 

If anything is clear amid an unprecedented situation through the course of COVID-19, it’s that the world saw a major shift to a more diverse digital age in 2020.

From video conference calls replacing face-to-face meetings and classes; to live-streamed concerts in place of physical rock shows; to a push for everything to be available online from services, to socializing, to groceries, to gadgets.

In a quick moving, and ever-evolving digital landscape, failure to keep up with the changing times leaves a business at a huge disadvantage for a number of reasons, namely the market, community, and potential clients in their respective niche who they miss completely by neglecting the consumers’ wish to interact within a digital and online atmosphere.

Digital Statistics

According to a report published in November 2020 by Statistics Canada, Canadian businesses grossed $305 billion in
e-commerce sales during the year 2019 (where “e-commerce sales” refers to all sales conducted online through business-to-consumer, or business-to-business). 

The Digital 2020: Canada report published by Hootsuite and We Are Social said there were 35.32 million Internet users, and 25.00 million social media users in Canada in January 2020 (Canada’s 2019/2020 population 37.58 million). The same report said the average daily time spent by Canadians using the Internet on any device by each Internet user was 5-hours and 53-mins. 

SimilarWeb reported that the top ranked by average monthly traffic of the most-visited websites were: 

Google.ca (4), Facebook.com (3), Youtube.com (2), and, Google.com (1). 

I’m sure you already notice the level of digitality on the forefront of many facets of our lives today, but these studies give evidence to digital, online, mobile, and social media being indispensable to daily living in our local communities, in Canada, and across the world. 

No matter what industry you work in, establishing an online presence has become integral to incorporate into the modern business model, and the need for marketing and management of this new essential and complex department of your business becomes starkly apparent. 

The Internet is an example of powerful connectivity, and we have to think about how we can use it in an intuitive way.

At Warlock Media, our expertise in: journalism; photography; web design, development, and management; print and digital marketing; social media marketing and management; multimedia and graphic design; public relations; human relations; and, customer service; we are confident that we can work together to achieve your business’ aims and goals. 

Are you ready to get intuitive about what the Internet has to offer your market niche; establish a polished online presence; and, grow your business in a digital age?

Warlock Media is ready to provide the tools, management, and creative direction to help you along the way. 

If you see the potential – What are you waiting for?

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