Join us in celebrating
one year of
Warlock Media!

☽ One Year Warlock ☾
(North American inspiration location(s) for photos/video/art:
Banff, Alberta; Calgary, Alberta;
Regina, Saskatchewan; Winnipeg, Manitoba;
Kingston, Ontario; Kentville, Nova Scotia;
Santa María Huatulco, Mexico)
[ Soundtrack: Adobe Premiere Rush ]

#WarlockMedia turns #one!

It’s been a ONE-derful year.

We are truly grateful to be able to have the opportunity to express our creativities through our work.
It’s an honour to hone our artistic power to help businesses put their best foot forward in the modern world.

Thank you to all of our family, friends, and followers for tuning in to our content.
Each and every one of you are appreciated more than you know.

Cheers to the past year of positive growth, and we can’t wait to see what the future year holds for us.

Tell your friends:
Warlock Media is your quintessential #multimedia and #marketing service.

#LeaveItToAWiz, and let the magic happen!

Now, let’s focus on you.

Learn how
Warlock Media
can help your business
compose the output of
multimedia & marketing content
for your brand.

Archery of Target Demographics

The arrow is only
When target rings
The eyes have found.”

Warlock Media

Warlock will polish the presentation
of your business with focus on your
respective market niche.

Leave it
to a Wiz,
and let the
magic happen!

Web & Social Media

Warlock Media, with their multifaceted skillset, will establish and grow the online presence of your business, producing polished multimedia content for your website and social media platforms.
Services include:

  • Web: Design, Development, & Rejuvenation
  • Web: Photo & Video Content Creation
  • Writing: Web Content, Journalistic Articles & Blogs
  • Social Media: Platform Establishment
  • Social Media: Content Creation
  • Social Media: Marketing & Promotions
    (Hootsuite Certified)

Content Curation

Not only offering needs for web and social, Warlock will also assist your business in the production of refined print and digital assets that will catch the eyes of your eager clients and consumers.
Services include:

  • Writing: Journalistic & Lifestyle Articles
  • Writing: Content & Copywriting
    (Persuasive Sales / Engaging Creative)
  • Writing: Copy Editing
  • Layout & Design:
    (Ads / Campaigns /
    Newspapers / Magazines /
    Social Media / Infographics /
    Slideshows / Promotional Videos /
    Posters / Catalogues /
    Brochures / Media-Kits /
    Menus / Newsletters)
  • Multimedia Creation:
    (Photography / Video)
  • Photo & Video Editing
    (Adobe Suite Expertise)

Masters of
Marketing & Multimedia

The importance of establishing a web & social media presence has never been more important.

Proudly display your status in the online community with the help of the unique and enchanting talents of Warlock Media.

☽ Inch By Inch, Row By Row ☾
(Inspiration location for photo/art:
Regina, Saskatchewan)
Life’s a Garden!
Grow your digital presence too with
Warlock Media
☽ Three Little Birds ☾
(Inspiration location for photos/video/art:
Greater Napanee, Ontario)
Lyrics Bob Marley
Photography Video Editing Design
Warlock Media
☽ Swallow the Sky ☾
(Inspiration location for photos/video/art:
Santa María Huatulco, Mexico)
Photography Editing Design
Warlock Media
☽ Whimsical Wood ☾
(Inspiration location for photos/video/art:
Regina, Saskatchewan)
Enchanting engagements to
refine your digital performance with
Warlock Media
☽ Huatulco Earthquake Sky ☾
(Inspiration location for photo/art:
Santa María Huatulco, Mexico)
Photography Editing Design
Warlock Media
☽ Misty Rundle Moon ☾
(Inspiration location for photo/art:
Banff, Alberta)
Photography Editing Design
Warlock Media
☽ Brand Evolution ☾
(Inspiration location for video/art:
Harrowsmith, Ontario)
Only the strong will prevail.
Videography Direction Editing
Warlock Media
Soundtrack: BenSound
☽ Come Sail Away ☾
(Inspiration location for video/art:
Amherstview, Ontario)
Forget about your modern marketing angst,
and Leave It to a Wiz !
Videography Production Editing
Warlock Media
Soundtrack: BenSound

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